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 "There is potential for magic in all the choices you make.  

Every moment is new and each one holds the possibility

for you to open and unfurl an original life.

Now, go out there and live in your wildest way...."        


I'm here to help you recognize your gifts and potential and to harness and hone

them to create the life you want for yourself. What does that look like? Find out here:





















My work as an event designer allows me to bring my clients’ dreams into being for a single important day in their lives. My purpose as a wellness guide is to help you reveal and cultivate your dreams for a lifetime.


I want to help you by sharing the tools I've sharpened along the way. I know how to help you get to where you want to go because I've been in the fire. The things that happened in my past don't define me, but they did provide me with opportunities to become who I am now. My past gifted me with awareness of where I want to go and how I want to design my life. I want to empower you to dream up and design your best life too!


I am multifaceted, curious, quirky, and resilient... An independent world traveler, a designer, and an idea gal. I love the real stuff of life... dreaming big, spending time outside, cultivating love and abundance, creating space, and putting energy into healing myself to heal the world. I'm intrigued and inspired by learning, relationships, experiences, balance, laughter, cultural intelligence, spirit, vulnerability, and honesty. 


My passion is to support your discovery of what defines you and I aim to help guide you on a journey of discovery and adventure with tools and inspiration gleaned from years of my own self-exploration. My goal is to help you reveal the power and beauty you already possess.

Continually seeking to learn and grow, my most valuable educational experience has been in the school of Life. Additionally, I am certified as a Holistic Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. And for those of you who want to see the papers, I also obtained dual degrees Communications with a focus on Human and Environmental Relations from Xavier University and in Horticulture (plants!) from Temple University.

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