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Bri Crowley is a multifaceted, curious, quirky, and resilient human. She is an independent world traveler, a designer, and a dreamer.


By day Bri draws on her experience in event management and horticulture to design customized gatherings tailored for her clients. Her multi-tiered background allows her to approach projects with nuance and finesse. She excels at engaging with the client, industry partners, and all team members for inspired collaborative outcomes. She is savvy, thoughtful, authentic, and relatable. Her personality, work ethic, energy, and values reflect the projects she creates. She listens to identify her clients' visions and then collaborates with team members to bring their desires to life.

Continually seeking to learn and grow, Bri holds degrees in Communication Arts and Horticulture and reinforces her focused study with continuing education courses in everything from business to sketching to dance to mycology.

She was recently recruited to be on a survival television show, and declined.

"There is potential for magic in all the choices you make.  Every moment is new and each one holds the possibility for us to open ourselves to the divine. Now, go out there and live life in your wildest way...." 

- Bri Crowley